Code of conduct

The Bayesian Meta-analysis Network is run by and for its users. This needs to be a virtual space where everyone is welcome and everyone can ask questions and share ideas.

The site is run not-for-profit, with donated time and money. There is a committee of administrators who take decisions on site design, management, activities etc. The site started in September 2021, and after a year we will consider whether to hold an election or co-opt more committee members. We are ordinary Bayesian analysts just like you, so please help us to keep the community happy and healthy.

There are two rules:

  • Be kind
  • Be helpful

Anyone is welcome to register for the forums, which allows you to ask questions and get post replies. The forums will only be helpful to people like you and us if they stay on topic, and don’t include any offensive content. You may on occasion be slightly rude about frequentism (the belief), but not frequentists (the people) … let’s encourage them to join us instead.

We have anti-spam software and moderators on the forums. If they are aware of a post that doesn’t belong here, they will remove it and ask the person who posted it to stay kind and helpful. Repeat offenders will get banned from the site.

Blog contributors are a subset of forum contributors. If you have an idea you would like to write for the blog, please let us know at