Site policy: off-topic and unacceptable material

Forums Management Site policy: off-topic and unacceptable material

  • 2021-10-07 at 12:02 pm

    We need to keep this website focussed for it to be useful to the members. It must also be place where users abide by the code of conduct (be kind, be helpful) . The following policy stands at present:

    1. posts, forum topics and comments which are statistical in nature, not Bayesian or about meta-analysis, but might have a connection for some people (for example, about clinical trial misconduct or structural equation models), should be allowed to stay.

    2. posts (etc) which are statistical but have no connection to Bayes or MA should be removed, but only after two moderators are agreed on this; it can be hard to understand all the possible connections. An example might be a link to a conference on deep learning. The author will incur no censure, though we might ask them privately to think again. If you want to make such a post, it is really helpful to others to make the connection to BMA clear.

    3. posts (etc) which are completely off-topic, like about a forthcoming monster truck event (speaking from personal experience from the usenet days), will be removed, and the author will receive a Yellow Card warning. Repeat offenders will be expelled from the site. If this is the first post by a newly signed-up user, we will consider whether they night be a bot by looking at the IP and email address. They can ask us by e-mail to be reinstated if we got it wrong and they are in fact H. Sapiens.

    4. posts (etc) which contain obscene, defamatory, offensive, etc, material will be removed immediately and the user expelled. If we are aware of the user re-registering with a different email address, they will also be expelled immediately.

    This policy, like others, is subject to review and revision by the committee, but it may not be possible to amend aspects of point 4 because we (the domain owner is currently BayesCamp Ltd, under the jurisdiction of England and Wales) have legal obligations, and contractual obligations to the internet service provider, hosting company and WordPress.